A local favorite,
full of welcome and various types of meat cuisines.

A local favorite,
full of welcome and various types of meat cuisines.

A local favorite,
full of welcome and various types of meat cuisines.

A local favorite,
full of welcome and various types of meat cuisines.



Sumikura’s Three Commitments

  • MeatCommitment to Tottori Wagyu

    At Sumikura, our main focus is in using the Oleic 55-type Tohaku Beef.
    Tottori wagyu is a direct descendent of the “Ketaka-go” breed, which took the title of being Japan’s number 1 wagyu, and is the ancestor of all types of premium wagyu in Japan.
    The source of Tottori wagyu’s deliciousness comes not only from the age-old traditions of Tottori as a producer of wagyu-beef, but also from the surrounding region blessed with good-quality water, and the skilled efforts placed in the raising of these animals by farmers.
    It has a high concentration of oleic acid, of which creates an incredible melt-in-your-mouth texture and excellent aromas. Please enjoy.

  • CharcoalCommitment to Charcoal Fire

    At Sumikura, we use a charcoal called Nishiki, manufactured by the Kawahara Nishiki Nenryo Co.
    This company is a pioneer in developing Tottori’s famous processed charcoals.
    These high-quality charcoals are used at high-end restaurants and produce very little smoke.
    Sumikura’s delicious charcoal-grilled barbecue is achieved through the effects of the far-infrared rays from the charcoal fire when cooked over a small grill pot. The juices of the meats then falls on to the charcoal, causing smoke to rise and smoking the meat for its final finishing touches.

  • SauceCommitment to our Pear-Infused-Sauce

    At Sumikura all our sauces are made from scratch.
    Our fruit-based sauces infused with Tottori’s 20th Century Asian Pear matches incredibly well with our meats.
    In addition, the pear enzymes tenderizes the meat, achieving an even better taste.

Recommended Menu Items

  • Platter of Seven Rare Choice Cuts Image

    Recommended ①

    Platter of Seven Rare Choice Cuts

    Enjoy and indulge in all of the rare, choice cuts of Tottori wagyu. To bring out the fresh flavors of the ingredients, enjoy it with wasabi and white soy sauce!!

  • Sumikura Beef Tartar Image

    Recommended ②

    Sumikura Beef Tartar

    Only possible due to our certified license to serve raw meat. The combination of the eggs and special sauce will melt in your mouth!

  • UrchiNiku Sushi (urchin & beef) Image

    Recommended ③

    UrchiNiku Sushi (urchin & beef)

    Combines together sea urchin and beef in the form of sushi. This miraculous harmony is a must-have for all customers.

  • Beef Cake Image

    Recommended ④

    Beef Cake

    Any special occasion is a good time for barbeque. At Sumikura, we will cater our menus to celebrate any special occasion!!
    *Please ask the staff when making your reservation

  • Fresh Offal Image

    Recommended ⑤

    Fresh Offal

    Freshness is key! Juicy and tender offal sourced directly from our supplier. So sweet and succulent that they will melt in your mouth!

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